Monday, 28 February 2011

Frid - Story Of The Year (Free Download)

Just got linked to this little gem for free. after giving away his wenlock terrace Mixtape recently, Frid has decided to give you people a few more tracks. there's 2 exclusive remixes on this as well as 2 new tracks so what are you waiting for??

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spee Six Nine & Profanity - Promo Bars

Share this around if you like bars and local hip hop!!!

DON'T FLOP - Big Kannon Vs Tenchoo

dammmnnn!!! check out TenchoO and Big Kannon goin hard at each other. heavy battle with some dope freestyles.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sonnyjim - Interview

Sonnyjim is a name most of you on the UK scene will have heard, for those that aint,(shame on you) check out his trading standards mixtape or the copious amount of free downloads and video's he has done. With Releases on Eatgood Records imminent we caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Flyspittin: thanks for talkin to us, so what have you been up to this year so far?

Sonnyjim: Just grindin puttin in that work got so much going on, jugglin different projects, i dropped purple patch 3 at the start of the year along with a couple no budget hd videos got purple patch 4 comin out on march 7th and just finishing up my Álbum with apatight aswell as finishin up an Álbum for a release in autralia with obese records and i got the workin numonics ep with sleaze out april 18th.

FS: Nice, So what do you think of the UK scene today compared to a few years ago?

S: Probably much worse, dying off as far as live circuits go but the fans are definatley still out there and people are still buying music but its just a whole different ballgame its not that much different to two years ago five years yes, but its always changing so fast.

FS: As a veteran of jump-off and end of the weak its fair to say you have done the battle thing, will we be seein you battle again in dont flop?

S: Doubt it, i want a tidy amount of doe to do it, its a lot of prep, im busy doing other important shit, i done did that, but you never know, i watch that shit sometimes and feel to get back in the ring but it aint me right now.

FS: you have done tracks with loads of artists from all over and worked with some of the best producers out at the moment, who has been your favorite to work with?

S: My favourite people who i have worked with are always the studio sessions where we made the joints on the spot, I did some work with AG from DITC at Chemos lab we did a session there that was good, trying to live of trading standards with Skrein that was dope. God complex with Jehst, running late with far as producers my favourite producers to work with Kelakovski Apatight and Mphazes, cos they dont fuck about.

FS: Is there anyone apart from yourself you think is set to get bigger this year?

S: Rtkal, Action Bronson, Dom Kennedy, Currensy...well i hope they do anyways

FS: If you could work with one artist in the world and money wasnt an object who would you want to collab with?

S: Kanye or Premier or Jay Z

FS: What can we look forward to from Sonnyjim in the next few months?

S: This changes everything LP with Apatight, An EP with Kelakovski, and a 3 track EP with a producer from Canada called Elaquent. And the purple patch EP out 7th march and workin numonics EP with sleaze 18th april. Thats what im concentrating on for the rest of the year.

FS: loads to look forward too, well thanks for the chat.

S: Thankyou for doing the interveiw with me, shout out to all the supporters go check for me and my team at and hit me at|sonnyjim01

check out Eatgood Records and support great music!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Taskforce - The Final Countdown (Free Download)

Anyone want some free newness from Taskforce??

Thought so!!

Get it downloaded and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Friday, 18 February 2011

DJ Versatile - Digging Deep Mixtape Vol. 1 (Free Download)

DJ Versatile has just put out his first volume of his Digging Deep series. It is a free download of UK, US and OZ hip hop and is a little slice of what he does on his HHB radio show every second thursday of the month. If you want to Download it and enjoy some quality mixing then hit up HERE!

You can catch Versatile on his radio show over at HHB Radio

or keep up to date with him at hisMyspace

we will hopefully grab a quick interview with the man himself real soon.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Deadman - Uppacut&WordzLike

Today is as good as any to go and get your free download on over at soundcloud. Grab yourself a copy of Deadman and enjoy!!! Hit up here for your free download!!

DeadMan by Uppacut&WordzLike

Friday, 11 February 2011

Nutso - Street Corner Prod. Pete Cannon (World Premiered by DJ Premier)

YYYOOOOOooo check out the new Pete Cannon produced track getting its first airing by DJ Premier!! If thats not big i dont know what is.

you can get the track for free Here!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fly Spittin Vol. 1 (Free Download)

Fly Spittin - Volume 1

It's Here!!! Volume 1 of the flyspittin mixtape brought to you by J.R. Hartley.
Feel free to pass this around and share with everyone so that all the artists on there get to as many new people as possible.
sorry if your track never made it on there but there was an exceptional number of tunes submitted. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Tracks are as follows:

01. Beit Nun - Let Me Be
02. Blessed House - Drunken Masters Part II
03. Chattabox And Rola - Seize It All
04. Verbal Contact Ft Jefferson - Rumble
05. Double Deuce - Fly Spittin Freeverses
06. Chad The Lad - Triumph and Despair
07. Disiple, Evil Eyez & J Toker - Ode To The Realest
08. Uppacut&WordzLike - Fo'Mo'
09. Sensa - Haters
10. Werd (S.O.S) - My Perspective
11. Frid - It's Not Over
12. Instance - Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash
13. Suus - Backhand
14. Jefferson Price - Can't Leave
15. The Elevatr - Arch Nemesis
16. Gorilla Tactics - One Hell of a Drug
17. Spee Six Nine - I Make Moves
18. Prose - Life Times
19. The Primate Response Unit feat Switches - The Cypher
20. Scizzahz Ft Sonnyjim and Koaste - Moving On

Volume 2 will be coming soon so get your tracks in.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rewd Adams (Skandal) Free Download

get yourself some freeness this month and have a listen to one of the UK's finest.

Rewd Adams Free Download