Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fly Spittin Vol 2 Free Download

Here its is people!!!

Fly Spittin Vol 2

Free Download

1. Chris Leese - Coming For The Game (Ft. Jay Madden & Assa)
2. Suus Ft. Chattabox - Underdog (Prod. By Pro P)
3. Depths - Chasing Shadows (Prod. Scatabrainz)
4. Jack Danz - Sittin Duck
5. Profanity Ft. Lego - First Class Delivery (Prod. By Wizard)
6. Dark Rumors - Memorys
7. Unseen & Deeflux Ft. Genesis Elijah - Masks
8. Beit Nun Ft Sonnyjim & Ramson Badbonez - Words
9. Assa - 32 Bars (Sharpey Remix)
10.Wardie Burns - Superman High
11.Monster Under The Bed - Ugly Talk (Wizard Remix)
12.Boomstick Ft. Junior Disprol - Animosity
13.Double Deuce - Listen
14.Werd (SOS) - Dead End (Scant Squad)
15.Soul Poets - Hellbound Habitat
16.Verbal Contact Ft. Jack Danz & Tungtide - Limitless Script
17.Swad & GBh - I Love Pt. II
18.Spee Six Nine - Hard Times (Produced By Profanity)
19.Antidote - See It Through (Produced By Pro P)

get the download now.CLICK HERE FOR FLYSPITTIN 2

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Beit Nun - A Reintroduction (Official Video)

New Beit Nun was always gonna make me bounce around the room, why not turn the speakers up and let it do the same to you??

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BIGG TAJ - Unique Beatbox Technique

This is one of the craziest sounds i have heard from a beatboxer. if you know whats good in life then i advise you to share this on your facebook and twitter accounts and help Taj get the exposure he deserves!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blak Twang - Before And After (Free Download)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fly Spittin Vol 2 Coming Soon!!

After the success of Fly Spittin Vol 1 we have decided to put out a second one. There is still time to submit a track but the deadline is nearing so send in your tunes to for consideration.

You can still get Volume 1 HERE!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Instance - The Superegular

You can now buy the superegular from bandcamp for pocket change and listen to a dope artist speakin whats on his mind. Instance let Fly Spittin use one of the tunes from this album earlier in the year on the first fly spittin mixtape and we are greatful for that, so why not go and cop this now to show support.

Lunar C and Jack Flash - CALL IT - produced by Wizard

Toooo Sick. Wizard once again killin it on the production.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wizard - Spare Time 3 (Remixes)

Go get yourself some free dopeness from the man' Wizard.
If you dont know the name then get to know!!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wizard - Chill Pill Vol 3

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Depths - Less Than Human

Depths Album is defo something you will enjoy if you are a fan of hip hip. With production from Scatabrainz and features from Some of the Being MC's this is something you will be happy you paid for.
stand out tracks for me are "The Beast - Featuring Gasp" and "Chasing Shadows"

All in all this will only cost you £5.00 so get on it.

Buy the Album Here

Check the video for The Beast Below

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vagabonds - Vagabonds In Space (Free Download)

Check out the Free 5 track E.P. from the Vagabonds. Reppin Edinburgh, Werd and Wardie Burns have been droppin some dope projects recently and this is another right here.

Grab yourself a copy Here!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Check the new track from Verbal Contact. Deteste is a dope track and you will appreciate the quality of the video too!!
Get it checked out, Big Up's to my West Yorkshire heads!!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Jefferson Price x Tranzformer - Relevance - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Dope Tune and video from one of my rap friends. Jefferson Price killin it once again. be sure to go and grab this people!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Profanity - Exclusive Bars! (And Free Download)

Profanity (one half of Gorilla Tactics) has dropped these exclusive bars from his forth-coming E.P. produced by Wizard. There is also a free track from the E.P. in the link below. The E.P. will be out real soon and did i mention its gonna be FREE!!!?

Click Here For The Track!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tenchoo - Tung-Fu (Free Download)

Grab yourself a copy of this FREE track from Tenchoo!! You wont be disapointed.

Hit up Here for your freeness!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Enlish - Messed Up (Feat. DJ Manipulate)

Enlish is releasing his double a-side single on 23rd of April (Taken from the forthcoming Cold Lazarus L.P.) and it sounds like it is going to be a great release. having already heard one of the tracks (Messed Up) i can say that you wont be let down with this release and will spin this over and over. The Second track is called Arrogance Is Bliss and features the mighty Stig Of The Dump and the extremely talented Sean Price!!. Both tracks come with cuts from DJ Manipulate and will be worth paying your hard earned cash for.
Set the alarm on your phone to go off on the 23rd of the 4th and head over to Enlish Badcamp and cop this.

Jack Flash & Wizard - Steamrolling

This is toooooo sick!! Wizard on the beat and Jack Flash on the rhymes. Nuff said!

If you wanna contact Wizard for beats or to see where to buy his music hit up here:

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Defenders Of Style - Dolce Stil Nuovo (Free Album)

Defenders Of Style are givin away there new album for free cus there nice like that. this is somethin you should get now and bump on repeat LOUD!!!!.
heavy beats and rhymes from Leeds City's Finest, get the whole album HERE!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Scizzahz - I Still Work Harder - Album Sampler

This is sounding well dope!! cant wait for it to drop. check back for the full release date and review.

Steg G & the Freestyle Master - True School

New track from Steg G & The Freestyle Master.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Double Deuce - Sprayout (Free Download)

Double Deuce - Sprayout (Hip-Hop) by DoubleDeuce

Have a listen and get this downloaded!! If you click the link HERE you can get it for FREE!!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Bigg Taj - This Is Who I am

Bigg Taj is one of the greatest beatboxers these shores have created but some of you may not no that he is also an amazing producer and excellent singer. After releasing a few mixtapes and a whole album with Glasgow Emcee Louie that he produced fully, he is now releasing his Album "This Is Who I am".

The album is a mixture of beatbox, rap, singing and Ill production.

If you only buy one album this year online then make sure its this one. At only £3 you can support one of our best artists.

What are you waiting for?????? Head over now and get it from Bigg Taj Bandcamp

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dr Syntax - Interview

Having featured on or been part of or produced himself some of the UK's best hip hop its fair to say that Dr Syntax is a name most people in the "Scene" have heard of.

Currently touring and selling his Benny Huge Album, we caught up with Sinners to find out whats happening.

Flyspittin: Thanks for talkin to us, So how's things going at the moment?

Syntax: Really well, thanks. My album ‘Benny Huge’ came out in December. Anyone who makes music on any level knows what a headache it is to make an album and get it out, making sure it’s done properly, so it’s a relief to finally have it out there and get some positive feedback for it.

FS: You’re playing shows all over at the moment with your Benny Huge LP, how are the people finding the new material?

S: The feedback from shows has been really positive. I deliberately picked beats that I thought would go down well live and crowds really get involved with what we’re doing. I did a show at the Concorde 2 in Brighton recently. The capacity is 800 and it was rammed. People were going so mental that the heat they created triggered the heat sensors and cut the power off! At the time I was pretty pissed off but in hindsight that’s quite a result!

FS: I first saw you live with the Foreign Beggars a few years back, is there any plans to do anything together again in the near future?

S: There are no plans at the moment, but I definitely want to do something with them again. It’s always really easy for me to work with them – we’re good friends and their work ethic is really impressive. I toured with them in 2004, and then again last year, and it reminded me of just how good they are. I hope they get absolutely massive, and they’re not too far off making it happen.

FS: If you had to pick one what would be your favourite track from the new album?

S: I think it would have to be ‘Jump Up’. It’s a lot of fun to perform and it makes crowds go bonkers. That’s the track that we were doing in Brighton when the power cut off. I’m in a new crew with Pete Cannon, who produced it, and it’s indicative of what we’re trying to do as a group now – the biggest party beats with tight raps and catchy choruses.

FS: Are there any emcee's right now that you think are gonna be bigger this year?

S: Derogatory aka Spike English is the other rapper in our new crew, and he’s touring with me as my hype man at the moment. He’s also from the crew Tactical Thinking. He’s got a dope, understated style and I feel we work well together as MCs. Also J Man and Unanymous from Plymouth are both incredible. An emcee I know from Brighton called Rizzle is going to be massive very soon. His group Rizzle Kicks are killing it. Very poppy, but with solid rhyming skills.

FS: I hear you’re back up in Manchester, how does it differ from down south in the way of promoting yourself and your music?

S: On the whole, not a great deal - I’m still promoting myself through my existing channels in the same way I did when I lived down south. I love Manchester though, and while there’s not a big scene here, there are a lot of fans so there is potential. There’s a monthly open mic night called In The Loop at the Ram and Shackle, Fallowfield. I’d really like to see that develop into the cornerstone of the scene, in the same way Slipjam B is in Brighton, or Speaker’s Corner was in London. One big thing for me though is that I host a radio show with DJ Andy Peek on every week now (92.8 FM in Manchester). It’s called the C’mon Feet Elements show and it’s on every Monday from 7-9pm. Anyone who wants me to play their music or fancies coming on as a guest should get in touch either via the Dr Syntax Facebook page or Twitter (@realdrsyntax).

FS: do you think the "scene" in the UK is getting any better or bigger in recent years?

S: The underground hip hop scene is small - minute really - and definitely doesn’t get the attention it got 5 or 6 years ago. It’s relegated to smaller venues or support slots and backrooms at dubstep nights. It’s having a minor resurgence though, which I’m proud to say I’m part of. Groups like Contact Play and London Zoo are playing gigs all over the place – there is a demand however small. I think that if you’re good at what you do and come across well live then there’s always a place for you – you just have to get on with it and work hard, and not over-analyse it and moan about it. I see it as a massive luxury to be able to go and do shows to appreciative fans – even if the scene gets no more exposure than it currently does, I will still look back on this as something special.

FS: Dont Flop is now a current fixture across the UK, whats your views on this new surge of battling?

S: I think it’s a really good thing. At the top the standard is ridiculously high – people like O’shea and Tenchoo are as good as anyone in the world. I don’t follow it religiously but catch the big battles and go to the ones in Manchester sometimes – in fact I’m playing at the next one on 26th March. To me it’s more like sport than music though. It’s cool, but it’s not the be all and end all. It can be good exposure for an artist if they are good at battling, but the exact opposite if they aren’t, even if their music’s good.

FS: whats next for Dr Syntax?

S: I’ve got an EP coming out with a label from Bristol called Screwloose. It’s a Dubstep, Drumstep and Drum and Bass EP, so it’s definitely a little different to what people are used to hearing from me, with production coming from Koan Sound and Statix among others. I’ve also got my new crew with Pete Cannon, Spike English, DJ Manipulate and a singer, Rebecca Stephens (formerly of indie-pop band The Pipettes), which will be rooted in hip hop but also have dance music influences. I’m going to keep touring and recording and releasing music, and hopefully hit some festivals this year.

FS: Thanks for the chat.

S: No problem, Thanks for the Interview.

You can purchase Syntax's New album @ Sinners Bandcamp Page where you can also buy a Huge T-Shirt.

Check out Single "Hire Me" below and Support Local Hip Hop!!

Friday, 11 March 2011


Brand new Gorilla Tactics Tune!!! If you are a fan of Lego or Profanity or both then this is for you. Produced by Seedy, get this turned UP!!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Album Out 28th March 2011

First off let me begin by telling you that Chris Leese is one funny guy. I met him a while ago at a gig and got his Mixtape from him and was well impressed.

Now he is releasing an album with R.O.B, together they go by the name Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,two overweight, outrageous, foul-mouthed idiots from the North of England.

This release is solid and extremely entertaining, with tracks like "Cider" and "The Indian Drugs Trade Conspiracy" you will have a laugh whilst listening, then there is also the dirty side of the scoundrels on tracks like "Fuck Me" and "All over your face".

In the making since 2008, this album is one of the most ludicrous things you will ever hear, with tales of dog napping, school shootings and such forth.

This is fully produced by Chris Leese and is something you should defo be buying.
Support Local Hip Hop

The album will be avaliable to buy from 28th March and will be released on Innit Records.

You can get it on Amazon Here!!

Genesis Elijah - Raiders Of The Lost ipod (Free Download)

Genesis Elijah has just released this for free download. It is a collection of unreleased material from himself over the years.
Download Here!

Monday, 7 March 2011


Sonnyjim has just put up The Purple Patch part 4 and you can now buy the E.P. over at Bandcamp

Friday, 4 March 2011

Shadow People - In The Shadows (Free Album Download)

Im feelin good today so thought i would share a link to another free album. Shadow People are a collective from Scotland and have kindly let us all have there new album for free. hit the download and get it now and enjoy the sounds and spread the word!!

Monday, 28 February 2011

Frid - Story Of The Year (Free Download)

Just got linked to this little gem for free. after giving away his wenlock terrace Mixtape recently, Frid has decided to give you people a few more tracks. there's 2 exclusive remixes on this as well as 2 new tracks so what are you waiting for??

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spee Six Nine & Profanity - Promo Bars

Share this around if you like bars and local hip hop!!!

DON'T FLOP - Big Kannon Vs Tenchoo

dammmnnn!!! check out TenchoO and Big Kannon goin hard at each other. heavy battle with some dope freestyles.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sonnyjim - Interview

Sonnyjim is a name most of you on the UK scene will have heard, for those that aint,(shame on you) check out his trading standards mixtape or the copious amount of free downloads and video's he has done. With Releases on Eatgood Records imminent we caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Flyspittin: thanks for talkin to us, so what have you been up to this year so far?

Sonnyjim: Just grindin puttin in that work got so much going on, jugglin different projects, i dropped purple patch 3 at the start of the year along with a couple no budget hd videos got purple patch 4 comin out on march 7th and just finishing up my Álbum with apatight aswell as finishin up an Álbum for a release in autralia with obese records and i got the workin numonics ep with sleaze out april 18th.

FS: Nice, So what do you think of the UK scene today compared to a few years ago?

S: Probably much worse, dying off as far as live circuits go but the fans are definatley still out there and people are still buying music but its just a whole different ballgame its not that much different to two years ago five years yes, but its always changing so fast.

FS: As a veteran of jump-off and end of the weak its fair to say you have done the battle thing, will we be seein you battle again in dont flop?

S: Doubt it, i want a tidy amount of doe to do it, its a lot of prep, im busy doing other important shit, i done did that, but you never know, i watch that shit sometimes and feel to get back in the ring but it aint me right now.

FS: you have done tracks with loads of artists from all over and worked with some of the best producers out at the moment, who has been your favorite to work with?

S: My favourite people who i have worked with are always the studio sessions where we made the joints on the spot, I did some work with AG from DITC at Chemos lab we did a session there that was good, trying to live of trading standards with Skrein that was dope. God complex with Jehst, running late with far as producers my favourite producers to work with Kelakovski Apatight and Mphazes, cos they dont fuck about.

FS: Is there anyone apart from yourself you think is set to get bigger this year?

S: Rtkal, Action Bronson, Dom Kennedy, Currensy...well i hope they do anyways

FS: If you could work with one artist in the world and money wasnt an object who would you want to collab with?

S: Kanye or Premier or Jay Z

FS: What can we look forward to from Sonnyjim in the next few months?

S: This changes everything LP with Apatight, An EP with Kelakovski, and a 3 track EP with a producer from Canada called Elaquent. And the purple patch EP out 7th march and workin numonics EP with sleaze 18th april. Thats what im concentrating on for the rest of the year.

FS: loads to look forward too, well thanks for the chat.

S: Thankyou for doing the interveiw with me, shout out to all the supporters go check for me and my team at and hit me at|sonnyjim01

check out Eatgood Records and support great music!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Taskforce - The Final Countdown (Free Download)

Anyone want some free newness from Taskforce??

Thought so!!

Get it downloaded and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Friday, 18 February 2011

DJ Versatile - Digging Deep Mixtape Vol. 1 (Free Download)

DJ Versatile has just put out his first volume of his Digging Deep series. It is a free download of UK, US and OZ hip hop and is a little slice of what he does on his HHB radio show every second thursday of the month. If you want to Download it and enjoy some quality mixing then hit up HERE!

You can catch Versatile on his radio show over at HHB Radio

or keep up to date with him at hisMyspace

we will hopefully grab a quick interview with the man himself real soon.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Deadman - Uppacut&WordzLike

Today is as good as any to go and get your free download on over at soundcloud. Grab yourself a copy of Deadman and enjoy!!! Hit up here for your free download!!

DeadMan by Uppacut&WordzLike

Friday, 11 February 2011

Nutso - Street Corner Prod. Pete Cannon (World Premiered by DJ Premier)

YYYOOOOOooo check out the new Pete Cannon produced track getting its first airing by DJ Premier!! If thats not big i dont know what is.

you can get the track for free Here!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fly Spittin Vol. 1 (Free Download)

Fly Spittin - Volume 1

It's Here!!! Volume 1 of the flyspittin mixtape brought to you by J.R. Hartley.
Feel free to pass this around and share with everyone so that all the artists on there get to as many new people as possible.
sorry if your track never made it on there but there was an exceptional number of tunes submitted. DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Tracks are as follows:

01. Beit Nun - Let Me Be
02. Blessed House - Drunken Masters Part II
03. Chattabox And Rola - Seize It All
04. Verbal Contact Ft Jefferson - Rumble
05. Double Deuce - Fly Spittin Freeverses
06. Chad The Lad - Triumph and Despair
07. Disiple, Evil Eyez & J Toker - Ode To The Realest
08. Uppacut&WordzLike - Fo'Mo'
09. Sensa - Haters
10. Werd (S.O.S) - My Perspective
11. Frid - It's Not Over
12. Instance - Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash
13. Suus - Backhand
14. Jefferson Price - Can't Leave
15. The Elevatr - Arch Nemesis
16. Gorilla Tactics - One Hell of a Drug
17. Spee Six Nine - I Make Moves
18. Prose - Life Times
19. The Primate Response Unit feat Switches - The Cypher
20. Scizzahz Ft Sonnyjim and Koaste - Moving On

Volume 2 will be coming soon so get your tracks in.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rewd Adams (Skandal) Free Download

get yourself some freeness this month and have a listen to one of the UK's finest.

Rewd Adams Free Download

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Frid - Wenlock Terrace Mixtape (Free Download)

Sorry i've been a bit slack with the posts this week but i was hosting one of the maddest nights i have been at and am still hung over and need sleep. never fear though cus before i pass out i have some freeness for you in the form of FRID - THE WENLOCK TERRACE MIXTAPE. I received this a little while back and have had it playing for a while now so thought it was about time to let you all hear it. this is a dope release and im sure you will enjoy it.
get yourself a free download from

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bill Shakes - E.P. Launch

If your in Blackburn on the 11th of Febuary then why not head down to this night. Bill Shakes is having his E.P. launch party and the line-up on the night looks amazing.
Along with Shakes there is Rhyme Asylum, Hock Tu Down, Children Of The Damned, Bang On and more.

All of this will only set you back ONE ENGLISH POUND!!!!
the address is 87-89 Regent St, Blackburn, United Kingdom if you need to stick it in your satnav or whatever.

Monday, 24 January 2011

TenchoO Interview

For those that dont know, TenchoO is one of the best emcee's doin it at the moment, his tracks are always dope and when it comes to freestyles he is, in my opinion one of the finest we have in this country.

Flyspittin: so tell us a bit about yourself.

TenchoO: My name's TenchoO, I was born & raised in South Norwood, London where I started rapping. At 17 I moved to Portsmouth & by 18 I began recording & performing & I been moving in a linear direction since.

FS: Your also a battle emcee, how long have you been battling and what
got you into it?

T: I began battling seriously when I was 18 when there was a local MC battle in Portsmouth but before that I used to just battle friends or local rappers unseriously for fun. I got into battling when I discovered people like Juice, Supernatural, Jin & Swann.

FS: you recently paired up with lego for the 2v2 dont flop battles, what made you want to work with lego and how has it been?

T: To be honest it wasn't in my main interest to even enter the tournament, i'd not long had the battle with Hindu Rock & was looking to battle less but Eurgh approached me one night after Slipjam in Brighton & suggested that I team with Lego. I'd seen Lego on Don't Flop before & rated him from time so I was in agreement with him that it was a good idea. In the end I took a gamble & entered the tournament. My alliance with Lego proved to be effective because we won the tournament & didn't have one easy battle. I felt the partnership was ill because we're both technical emcees from totally different areas & backgrounds & I felt the styles complimented each other well. Lego's also a funny guy & nice to have around so that's all good too.

FS: I know it sounds like a stupid question but would you ever battle Lego?

T:No.....will never happen!!

FS: Now i hear you and Lego have got Okwerdz and Dizaster in your next battle but if you could choose any two people in the world to face who would it be?

T: I'd battle anyone......I keep saying it lol.....i'm not even fussed. To me battling is a platform for getting your music out so who I go against is's the footage being released & the people seeing it that's really important to me.

FS: do you have any plans to go abroad to battle?

T: I would go abroad to battle but money is the issue.......I was invited to World Domination in Canada but couldn't afford to pay for the trip.

FS: Yeah i think we need more money to somehow be pumped into our battle scene.
Anyway, are we going to see a lego/tenchoo album soon?

T: I don't know.....I've got my solo album on the verge of completion then after that i've got a collabo EP with Omerta that is about 20% done.....i'm sure me & Lego will collaborate a lot in the future & who knows.....we might lace somethin'..

FS: what projects have you got coming up?

T: I've got my solo album "Scary Movie" almost will cost £5, is wholly produced by Haji & is featuring Omerta, Menace, Carlton Osbourne & AWOL.....stay tuned, a release date will be announce ASAP.

FS: Sounds good, make sure you let us know when its ready.

T: I Just want to say, Look out for the album coming's long overdue but the time is near. Scary Movie! Big up's to Haji's Yard, First Son Records, Raygun Youth & Everyone showing support to TenchoO!

FS: Cheers for takin the time to chat, big up's and good luck for the Two v Two's

You can check tenchoo here below and add his fanpage HERE.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Loki's Odd Cast: Episode 1

Just seen that Loki (Being Emcee's), has started a regular podcast/oddcast. the test case went up last night and was a great listen. Loki plans to drop these constantly and will be giving us his opinion on all things Hip Hop/Rap.
to listen to the podcast's hit up Volition - Soundcloud.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Jaylib - The Red (T.W.O.K. Dub)

Just thought i would throw this up cus i wanted to.
You can get the mixtape from Spee Six Nine Bandcamp

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Music Always Comes First Radio

Radio Show Music Always Comes First will be returning to air on Thursday 27th January on Leith Fm bringing you the finest in Uk Hip Hop & Grime.

Leith FM 98.8fm is a community radio station that broadcasts 24 hours per day and covers the City of Edinburgh. With a listener base in excess of 70,000 and growing, Leith FM is quickly becoming Edinburgh’s forefront radio station.
You can also listen online @

Presenter - Jay McLeary
Co Presenter - Mica Preston
Show Producer - Dale Thomson
Show Genre - Uk Hip Hop & Grime
When - Every Thursday 10pm-12 (Starts 27th January)

Submit your tracks censored or uncensored to be considered for radio play to -


(Any uncensored track will be censored by Dale Thomson to make it suitable for Fm radio play)

(All tracks must be in mp3 format and properly named)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Riddlah - Rollin

Check out Riddlah - Rollin and download the track and free Album from his bandcamp.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Wizard - The Return (Instrumental)

heavyyyyy beat from wizard. This is the instrumental version to the track 'The Return' (Featuring Unfriendly Neighbours) taken from the new production album 'That Work' dropping real soon. Be sure to go and cop some music from Wizard and support the scene OSB'z Bandcamp

Instance Feat Jack Flash - Keys Open Doors

Instance is letting us all have his new single "Keys Open Doors" for free, if that aint enough it also features former EOW world Champion Jack Flash. This is a heavy tune and is from Instance' forthcoming album 'The Superegular' which is going to be amazing if his first album is anything to go by.
cop the free single Here.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Free Download!!

I just got linked this from Jay @ MCF Records. D Mills from Fedayeen Regime feat Villain & Haze From Eurogang. You can grab your free copy from Here.

If you want to keep up to date with the artists then you can link them on twitter -

here is the video.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Jack Danz - Early Grave Feat. Matter

Heavy Hip Hop from Leeds City. If you want to get this is and the E.P. for free hit up the link here. Jack Danz - Chapters From The Padded Cell

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

UK Gramma Vol 8 - Free Download.

Here is an absolute belter of a free give away!! i say that because i hosted this with Bigg Taj and you cant go wrong with that.
The whole thing is mixed from start to finish by Little Seedy and is a monster.
if you like Rhyme Asylum, COTD, Text Offenders, Stig Of The Dump, Gorilla Tactics and more then you would be mad not to get this. come to think of it you would be mad not to get this whatever you like cus its DOPE!!!!!!

Snag your free digital copy HERE.

Free Music From Scorzayzee (New 2011!!)

Just got the link from Scorzayzee for some free music so thought i would share it.
Scorzayzee - Lionheart Download

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Brand New beat tape from Jaisu. This dude is seriously heavy with the production. you can cop his newest release from Jaisu's Bandcamp.

Genesis Elijah - Watch What I Do (Produced By Dead Man Walkn)

Damnnn!! 2011 has just begun and already Genisis Elijah is bringin the fire. Watch What I Do is a banger, produced by Dead Man Walkn. i cant wait to see what else Gen brings this year. check the video and tune below and hit up

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sick Six Presents - Still Dead (Free Download)

I know this isnt UK hip hop but my mate Manuu from the SNOWGOONS put me on to this FREE download from Sick Six, and with names like Side Effect and Doap Nixon featurin on it i new you would want a copy. so hit up this link and get the freeness for your ears.
Sick Six Download Link!