Monday, 24 January 2011

TenchoO Interview

For those that dont know, TenchoO is one of the best emcee's doin it at the moment, his tracks are always dope and when it comes to freestyles he is, in my opinion one of the finest we have in this country.

Flyspittin: so tell us a bit about yourself.

TenchoO: My name's TenchoO, I was born & raised in South Norwood, London where I started rapping. At 17 I moved to Portsmouth & by 18 I began recording & performing & I been moving in a linear direction since.

FS: Your also a battle emcee, how long have you been battling and what
got you into it?

T: I began battling seriously when I was 18 when there was a local MC battle in Portsmouth but before that I used to just battle friends or local rappers unseriously for fun. I got into battling when I discovered people like Juice, Supernatural, Jin & Swann.

FS: you recently paired up with lego for the 2v2 dont flop battles, what made you want to work with lego and how has it been?

T: To be honest it wasn't in my main interest to even enter the tournament, i'd not long had the battle with Hindu Rock & was looking to battle less but Eurgh approached me one night after Slipjam in Brighton & suggested that I team with Lego. I'd seen Lego on Don't Flop before & rated him from time so I was in agreement with him that it was a good idea. In the end I took a gamble & entered the tournament. My alliance with Lego proved to be effective because we won the tournament & didn't have one easy battle. I felt the partnership was ill because we're both technical emcees from totally different areas & backgrounds & I felt the styles complimented each other well. Lego's also a funny guy & nice to have around so that's all good too.

FS: I know it sounds like a stupid question but would you ever battle Lego?

T:No.....will never happen!!

FS: Now i hear you and Lego have got Okwerdz and Dizaster in your next battle but if you could choose any two people in the world to face who would it be?

T: I'd battle anyone......I keep saying it lol.....i'm not even fussed. To me battling is a platform for getting your music out so who I go against is's the footage being released & the people seeing it that's really important to me.

FS: do you have any plans to go abroad to battle?

T: I would go abroad to battle but money is the issue.......I was invited to World Domination in Canada but couldn't afford to pay for the trip.

FS: Yeah i think we need more money to somehow be pumped into our battle scene.
Anyway, are we going to see a lego/tenchoo album soon?

T: I don't know.....I've got my solo album on the verge of completion then after that i've got a collabo EP with Omerta that is about 20% done.....i'm sure me & Lego will collaborate a lot in the future & who knows.....we might lace somethin'..

FS: what projects have you got coming up?

T: I've got my solo album "Scary Movie" almost will cost £5, is wholly produced by Haji & is featuring Omerta, Menace, Carlton Osbourne & AWOL.....stay tuned, a release date will be announce ASAP.

FS: Sounds good, make sure you let us know when its ready.

T: I Just want to say, Look out for the album coming's long overdue but the time is near. Scary Movie! Big up's to Haji's Yard, First Son Records, Raygun Youth & Everyone showing support to TenchoO!

FS: Cheers for takin the time to chat, big up's and good luck for the Two v Two's

You can check tenchoo here below and add his fanpage HERE.


  1. Tenchoo is right about the exposure side of battling. I was randomly looking through youtube and saw Okwerdz battling (I haven't kept up with that scene for years), so checked out his facebook page, then he released the footage of Ten/Lego v Diz/Ok and I got put onto Tenchoo as a great battler and then discovered some of his music. The Promo EP (free if you contact Ten on facebook) is sick and can't wait for the album which I'll definitely be buying! To be both a great battle rapper and good studio rapper is rare, but we definitely have one here and the UK (and world) shouldn't sleep on him!