Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch 3 (Produced By Illmind)

Sonnyjim has just dropped Purple Patch 3 produced by Illmind and here is the video. if you are feelin this one you can download it for FREE HERE!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Blah Records - Free Downloads!!

I have just been over to and seen that they are giving away a tonne of FREE music as well as selling some of the UK's finest from the Blah Records Family.

just click the link below to get some freeness and SUPPORT LOCAL HIP HOP!!!


Monday, 27 December 2010

Deffinition - Interview

Deffinition is a name most people will be familiar with if they are keeping up to date with the UK battle scene. We caught up with him to see whats happening at the moment in the world of Deffinition.

Flyspittin - so tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Deffinition - Im a cunt, constantly annoyin n windin people up, love hip hop n makin people feel miniscule for their pathetic life, hopefully they die young and have feminine boys for children.

FS - haha, you've been battling for a while now, who has been your favorite opponent so far?

Deff - been a crazy year n a half, my favourite opponent was Real Deal because hes been someone ive watched for a while n just to get the chance to step in the ring with him is crazy, i remember me n my mates were just chillin bout a month before the battle n it hit me like "fuck real deals probably writin for me right now" was really humbling, i grew up watchin jumpoff since i was about 14 n to be part of the scene is an honour enough but to have people like Deal asking to come over to my country n battle me is big.

FS - yeah it must feel great gettin some of the names you have had recently, so what got you into battling?

Deff - i got sent a couple of links over msn, first proper battle i saw was stig vs mic assassin outside of selfridges n with stig bein geordie i was like WOAH this guy from my home town can spit!!! Before then id never even heard a geordie rap.....other than PJ n Duncan who are ofcourse the greatest.

FS - Ofcourse haha, you recently went to canada to battle Tricky P. how were you received over there?

Deff - Was ok man, wasnt my best performance, i thought my flips were wack as fuck lookin back but i genuinely went over wantin to freestyle so i done as much as i could, was a enjoyable battle i wanna go back definately n im officially the first british guy to ever win in canada IN YOUR FACE BISHES

FS - I thought you had some dope flips, big up's on the win, so what battles have you got coming up in the new year?

Deff - Got me vs Caustic on the 5th of febuary which im psyched for, hes makin the trip from america over for it so its gonna be a classic, other than that i wanna take a break, when thats happened i wont have had a month where i havnt been writin for a battle in 2 years. If the look of the battle is good enough though ill do it, ive had a couple of offers but none have been that Eureka moment.....cept for one that maybe MAYBE happening in march.

FS - and is there any other plans in the pipeline?

Deff - I wanna drop an album at the end of the year n maybe get out to GrindTime, Im a cunt should be finished by the end of febuary. shoutouts to Michelle, Einstein, Willis, Suus, Dont Flop n Sincy.

you can buy Im A Cunt Tracks Now From Deffinition's ITunes Page Also keep upto date at

And check out his latest battle below

Friday, 24 December 2010

Ralph Dog feat Blaq Poet & Craig G - Go 4 Broke [prod Dj DAREDEVIL]

Check out this monster of a tune from Ralph Dog feat Blaq Poet & Craig G. The tune is produced by DJ Daredevil who is One of the Best Scratch/Battle djs in the world. You can check out Daredevil here - DJ Daredevil - Myspace

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

F.U.TV Text Offenders: Bars Humbug (Free giveaway)

If any of you hate christmas or want something different then the shit the radio is playin then get this free download from Text Offenders. you can get the tune from the Team Hate members HERE!!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Jam Baxter - BarrelEyeSpookFish (Promo Dub)

This is one of my favorite youtube video's at the moment. you dont need me to tell you why, just have a watch and listen for yourself. You can also get the track FREE from HERE!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Beit Nun - Let Me Be (Maxi Single)

Beit Nun has just released his new Maxi-Single. Let Me Be is is the title tune from this 4 track release. It also features a remix from Dan Bull and features from Mr. Crf & Ben B. You can buy it now from
and Amazon

this is seriously a heavy release so dont let the fact christmas is here stop you from spending spare change on this and supporting our local artists.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Prose Interview

After recently purchasing the brand new Prose album i thought it only fitting to have a
chat with Steady, one half of the South London duo.
Prose are Steady on the beats and Efeks on the mic. they have been working hard on
there craft for years and have recently released there Force Of Habit LP.

Flyspittin: So Steady,tell us a little bit about how prose came about and what your all about..

Steady: Me and efeks met through a mutual friend and realised we shared the same passion for
music and music making. We had both being doing our own thing but had become kind of jaded
by inconsistent people and long talking so we literally just started
putting rhymes to beats and found that
we had really good chemistry together and mutually appreciated each other’s
talents and styles.
I would say that first and foremost prose are about good honest hip hop music before anything else really.

Flyspittin: You recently supported DJ Premier, Royce Da 5'9 and Jedi Mind Tricks to name a few. How has it been sharing the stage with such big names and how did you go down with the crowd?

Steady: It's been great! I mean they are some of our favourite artists so it was an honour to be asked to do those shows. We went down well (i think! ha ha), we got a lot of positive reactions from people. Its always difficult being a UK support act to a big American act, i think sometimes the crowd expects that you are gonna be a certain way and a lot of people have got used to poor, un-organised performances from a lot of UK hip hop acts so i think that people appreciate the fact that we put the work in and try and represent the UK well.

Flyspittin: Yeah i think some groups need to put in alot more work on there live shows. I would be happy handing over money for a CD if i have just been entertained. Speaking of buying music, Your album - Force Of Habit is out now to buy, and over the last few years you have consistently put out great music, alot of which is free. How have you been received so far?

Steady: Again, we get a lot of positive feedback from our releases. Even if you don't really like what we do (which is fair enough) we are consistent and true to what we do and i think people can see that and hear that in our music. I believe in giving people value for money too, that's why some releases have been free. Times have changed dramatically and you also have to price your music (particularly if it is a digital release) realistically. We are lucky that we release through our own label, BBP, so there isn't a big fat cigar smoking dude taking a chunk out of our money! ha ha

Flyspittin: And do you think it is getting harder to get your music out there at the moment because of the watered down stuff our country is buying into?

Steady: Yes and no! What people seem to forget is that there has always been shit pop rap music as well as that real shit! it’s just that in the past the hip hop community wouldn't let is slide so much. You would be called out and ostracised for that whereas now it seems more acceptable to blatantly bite other people or throw together some half arsed catchy bullshit and try and go pop with it. If that's what's really in your heart and you can live with yourself doing that then all power to you but if it’s plastic and contrived people will see through that.

Flyspittin: Im with you on that one mate. now i want to know, if you could work with anyone in the world who would it be?

Steady: Wow! Erm,all the greats I suppose. Imagine like Chuck D, EPMD, Redman, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Biz Markie. I'll get back to you when they are ready to do it! Ha!

Flyspittin: I think i would kill to get a Premo beat and have redman on it with me!! Now its fair to say that Prose are all about the boom bap. what is it that makes this type of music so appealing to you?

Steady: We always like to say we look back to go forward, you know? Our music is steeped in the traditions of real hip hop. We don’t know how to do anything else except what comes naturally to us. We don’t purposefully make ‘boom bap’ hip hop it just happens to turn out that way. Efeks writes rhymes that are true to himself and his life and i make beats that i feel from my soul through equipment that i feel comfortable using it just so happens that this is what our sound becomes and it just so happens that this is what the pioneers of this music did or do.

Flyspittin: Of the 18 tracks on the album, what are your favorites?

Steady: They are all our babies so its hard to pinpoint but Life Times seen as it is the lead single and we got to put a video together for the first time, Broke was a nice experience working with Reef The Lost Cauze, Late At Night was nice to do as I put the beat together a while back then revisited it and tweaked it then seeing how Efeks turned it into a story which is different from anything else on the album. They are all our favourites though really!

Flyspittin: Ahhh i thought you might say they all were! Mine is Raw Deal, it is TOO good.
Who are you listening to in the uk at the moment?

Steady: PROSE! Ahahaha! Nah, man, anything that is good! There is some really good stuff about man. Kashmere just dropped a dope album, Verb T did too, Jehst’s is on the way. I think 2011 will be a really good year for homegrown hip hop!

Flyspittin: Yeah i think it will be cus my album will be out then also haha! So whats next for prose?

Steady: Working on the next project, we have written most of it and most of the beats are done. We are just in the pre-production phase now with that. It’s gonna be a bit different for us (and i don’t mean it’s gonna be grime or dubstep! Ha ha). A little bit of a different slant on what we are about I guess. I feel it’s important to really put yourself into a project and have focus and a concept (even if it’s loose) otherwise it’s just a bunch of throw away MP3’s and viral clips and I don’t see the point of that, it doesn’t make a lasting mark. Making an album or a complete project is hard work but it shows your commitment and range as artists.

Flyspittin: Yeah i think the songs you remember the most are the ones that are great but also sound real and not like they were rushed and not mixed or mastered.
Finally is there anyone you want to shout out?

Steady: Shouts to all the BBP and Prose family. Anyone who has supported us, we truly appreciate it. And shouts to anyone that wants to book us for a show! Our fee is a bottle of Brandy and a bag of Skittles! Bring us to your Town, City or Village. Ha ha. Props to Spee 69 and all the T.W.O.Kers!

You can check out prose at there Facebook.
you can also buy there album and other releases directly from them at Prose Bandcamp or from Suspect Packages

There video Life Times Is HERE

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Slick Turpin: The Hi​-​Grade Man Mixtape

Slick Turpin is comin straight out of Yorkshire with his High-Grade Man Mixtape and he means business. The mixtape is 18 tracks long and only a small donation of £2.50 to own. I also heard from him that he needs to sell as many as he can so he can buy his Nan some xmas presents.
why not grab this and SUPPORT LOCAL HIP HOP!!!
buy it HERE

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Blessed house - Free Album Download!!

I have just seen this gem on bandcamp.
blessed house are giving away yet more free music for your listening pleasure.
go cop it now from

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Profanity - GT TV

Some dope bars straight from the north by Profanity, 1 half of Gorilla Tactics.
check out there current mixtape on there bandcamp page and cop it for a small charge of £3.00

Grab The Mixtape Here.

DON'T FLOP - Soul Khan Vs Sensa

Sensa has got a free mixtape at the moment and it is heavy!! if you dont know who he is then check him out in the Don't Flop battle league.
you can get the mixtape exclusively from Sturban Clothing.

check out his recent battle against Soul Khan.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Free Download - Nity Gritz - Fall Back - The Domino Effect EP

We have another free download for you guys in the form of FALL BACK - THE DOMINO EFFECT by Nity Gritz.
this is another great release from someone i consider to be a very hard worker and a damn good emcee.
if you want to get your hands on this 9 track release including all artwork all you have to do is click on the link and download it.
Nity Gritz - Fall Back - The Domino Effect


TenchoO - Tongue-Fu

This is one of my favorite emcee's at the moment. Tenchoo is a beast on the mic and if you get the chance to see him live do it!! hopefully i will get an interview with him soon.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Vagabonds - Free Download

We have another free download album for you in the form of The Vagabonds.
some top quality Scottish hip hop for your ears.
if you want this then hit up Werd's Bandcamp page for your free 26 track album featuring a host of Scottish talent.
Vagabonds Download Here!!

I have just seen that Genesis Elijah has only a few hundred free downloads left on his bandcamp so if you want to get yourself a free copy of a UK classic then head over to his page. GENESIS BANDCAMP

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan Free Download!!

Ok so i know that Soul Khan isnt from these shores but as he was recently here battling in Dont Flop i thought what the hell so here it is... A free download of his album - Soul Like Khan. All you got to do is click here to download.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lego, Rhymeotaur, Profanity & Spee Six Nine - T.W.O.K. 2 (Marco Polo Dub)

Brand New Tune From Spee Six Nine Off His Next Mixtape.
If You Wanna Buy His First One For £3.00 Then Head Over To His Bandcamp Page

Monday, 6 December 2010

The Dark City Store

If you want to know about some good music coming from Leeds then check out the dark city store. they have got amazing artists like Chief Wigz and Brutal Artistry along with a host of others that you can check HERE.

Support some good homegrown artists and buy something.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Capitol 1212 - Good Feeling

WOWWWWW is all i can say at the moment. i received the link to this only moments ago and am on my 7th or 8th listen as i am typing. Capitol 1212 are a group that i have been following for some time and can say that in my opinion they have never had a bad tune. always a pleasure to listen to and im sure there new E.P. is going to be amazing. this single is a huge posse cut featuring
Mike G -Jungle Brothers
Cadence- Raw Produce
Dizzy Dustin-Ugly Duckling
and DJ Sheep on the cuts.
it will be avaliable to buy from the 19th december.


Damnnnnnnnn!!!! some pure fire from my man Stig. we need him gettin more air play!!
big up's Stig, now go and cop his new album.

Prose - Force Of Habit

Just thought i would let you all know that you can now purchase the brand new Prose album from there bandcamp page by clicking HERE

This is by far my favorite release this year.

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES FINAL - Tenchoo/Lego Vs Gasp/Depths

Had to post this one up. it is worthy of a watch or two. excellent battle in my opinion. check out for more info on the league.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Madhat feat Ian Halliday - Simple Things

Got a nice video here of Scottish emcee Madhat Mcgore.
Really fellin this one. you can check out all things Madhat @ Music Comes First

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Spee Six Nine - T.W.O.K.

Also on the note of buying and supporting local hip hop i need to mention that you can still buy Spee 69's T.W.O.K. Mixtape for £3.00
Buy it by clicking HERE

Trackside Burners Radio Shows

DJ Philly is dropping that real boom bap over at Trackside Burners, so if your down with the good stuff get over and have a listen

Trackside Burners


Bigg Taj

You can now listen to and buy Bigg Taj's brand new mixtape for £3.00. Its not much and a nice gift to yourself for Xmas.

Prose - Life Times

Some Seriously Good Hip Hop From Prose