Monday, 27 December 2010

Deffinition - Interview

Deffinition is a name most people will be familiar with if they are keeping up to date with the UK battle scene. We caught up with him to see whats happening at the moment in the world of Deffinition.

Flyspittin - so tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Deffinition - Im a cunt, constantly annoyin n windin people up, love hip hop n makin people feel miniscule for their pathetic life, hopefully they die young and have feminine boys for children.

FS - haha, you've been battling for a while now, who has been your favorite opponent so far?

Deff - been a crazy year n a half, my favourite opponent was Real Deal because hes been someone ive watched for a while n just to get the chance to step in the ring with him is crazy, i remember me n my mates were just chillin bout a month before the battle n it hit me like "fuck real deals probably writin for me right now" was really humbling, i grew up watchin jumpoff since i was about 14 n to be part of the scene is an honour enough but to have people like Deal asking to come over to my country n battle me is big.

FS - yeah it must feel great gettin some of the names you have had recently, so what got you into battling?

Deff - i got sent a couple of links over msn, first proper battle i saw was stig vs mic assassin outside of selfridges n with stig bein geordie i was like WOAH this guy from my home town can spit!!! Before then id never even heard a geordie rap.....other than PJ n Duncan who are ofcourse the greatest.

FS - Ofcourse haha, you recently went to canada to battle Tricky P. how were you received over there?

Deff - Was ok man, wasnt my best performance, i thought my flips were wack as fuck lookin back but i genuinely went over wantin to freestyle so i done as much as i could, was a enjoyable battle i wanna go back definately n im officially the first british guy to ever win in canada IN YOUR FACE BISHES

FS - I thought you had some dope flips, big up's on the win, so what battles have you got coming up in the new year?

Deff - Got me vs Caustic on the 5th of febuary which im psyched for, hes makin the trip from america over for it so its gonna be a classic, other than that i wanna take a break, when thats happened i wont have had a month where i havnt been writin for a battle in 2 years. If the look of the battle is good enough though ill do it, ive had a couple of offers but none have been that Eureka moment.....cept for one that maybe MAYBE happening in march.

FS - and is there any other plans in the pipeline?

Deff - I wanna drop an album at the end of the year n maybe get out to GrindTime, Im a cunt should be finished by the end of febuary. shoutouts to Michelle, Einstein, Willis, Suus, Dont Flop n Sincy.

you can buy Im A Cunt Tracks Now From Deffinition's ITunes Page Also keep upto date at

And check out his latest battle below

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