Monday, 16 January 2012

Frid - Serving Time

Hello People of the Inter-web, please do me this one favour if you want to help out some fresh UK talent. The 'Serving Time EP' is the first fully original release from York lyricist and rapper Frid, released through Wenlock Music. This is a dope release and it needs and deserves alot of support. i have been bumping my copy ever since i got it and i have to say it is something im sure everyone will enjoy.

With strong production from UK producer Uppacut (of Fleapit fame), Grand Rapids DJ '7 Deadly', J.R. Hartley and SwissBoy, along with scintilating guest appearances from singing starlet Ellsie, Spanish soulstress Afrika Fuentes and California native Mary Jayne (of Cali Agents), the EP has a foundation as strong as any underground release this year.

my personal favorite from the E.P. is the title Track 'Serving Time' it is a brilliant song and is also produced by our very own J.R. Hartley.

I could tell you about all the tunes on there and give you my opinion but instead of reading this why dont you hit the link below and make your own mind up.
If you dig what you are hearing then support local hip hop and buy that ish!!!

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