Friday, 26 October 2012

Bibs Quintero - Come Find Me (Album Review)

I am finding it hard to review as many albums as i would like to these days but this is one that i had to have my say on. For those of you that aint heard of Bibs before, yourin for a treat. Come Find Me' is the debut album by emcee Bibs Quintero, produced by Pro P and Andy Mac. The 10 track album highlights the artist's hatred towards the current state of music, and seeks to explore the topics of life, death and escapism. Strong personality traits appear in specific tracks, where Bibs touches on a thin line between right and wrong. Consequently, certain tracks have been described as offensive. However, it is more of an attempt to mock situations in life that we might otherwise cry about. Therefore offence is not the intended reaction. The album is enlightened by featuring guests such as Mnsr Frites, Archetype, Unk Artist, Fear, Guest House, Jester Jacobs, Spee Six Nine and Tash Williams. After my first listen through i have to say i really enjoyed it from start to finish which can be a rarity in this day and age. certain tracks stood out for me as a fan of Bibs like the delightfully titled Huja Knickabolokoff where Bibs uses the kind of bars that some people may find offensive. Lonley is a deep track that is well executed featuring Tash Williams and traffic lights has the vibe of a classic hip hop track that wont die. Bibs isnt alone on this album and there is a heavy posse cut featuring rappers from all over the UK. production is tight and im sure you will want to listen to every track over and over again....well what are you waiting for?? Go cop the album HERE If you want to contact Bibs you can get him on Twitter @BibsQuintero or holla at him for shows and stuff at

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